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Potatobed, all potatoes in


We managed to sow the rest of the potatoes today; well, we have more potatoes to sow, but I have some beds in the old Retreat Garden, which is now at last going to be the therapy garden, and we will sow the rest of the potatoes there.

Now we need to fetch more seaweed. None of the early potatoes have shown above ground yet, but I am looking for them every day.

Anyway, I am quite excited about the different kinds, early, medium early and late. I do not remember the names right now, but I´ve written it down somewhere, hopefully.

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Lidt sent på året med jordskoksuppe og det var da heller ikke planlagt.

Jeg lå og rodede rundt i bedene i forbindelse med at jeg flyttede planter og pludelig væltede det op af jorden med jordskokker. Men store spirer. Jeg forsøgte det bedste jeg havde lært at grave dem ned og dække dem til igen, uden at beskadige spirerne, men næh nej, det kome bare flere jordskokker for en dag. Nå, pyt, så ændrer vi da bare madplanen.

Man tager

1 løg og godt med med hvidløg samt rigeligt med timian, hakker det fint sammen med groft skårne jordskokker. Jeg har nok haft 1 kg. Bemærk, det tager noget tid at skrubbe dem rene, jordskokker, og der er kilet jord ind i alle revner og sprækker.

Dæk med vand og 1 spsk god bouillon. Koges 15 min. Smages til med salt og noget surt, jeg brugte æblecidereddike fra Kernegården med timian, samt fløde, jeg bruge soyafløde. Purer. Server.

Velbekomme, det smager skønt. SKØNT!!

Tekst og foto Anne Moloney, upload 07052015

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Design no. 2, potato bed using “Design Web”

For permaculture design several tools have been developed. For the time being I am looking into Design Web (Looby Macnamara) and SADIMET.


My first design, apart from my learning pathway, which is also currently under construction, is “The potato bed”.

Here goes for the Design Web.

The vision for the potato bed is the realisation of the original design for Fejø Retreat LAND Center as we want to grow food for 30 families. Well, not all the food, but vegetables, grains and seeds for oils (hemp, rape seed, linen).

On the shorter run the ideal potato bed 1.0 supplies potatoes for Fejø Retreat LAND Center all year round. It rotates, so next year there will be another crop on this particular spot.

Cultural history of potato, cooking, the different taste and use of the different varieties, different harvesting times, the celebration of the sowing, the maintenance, and the different times for harvesting,

Circulation of beds:
Year 1: potatoes, add horse manure in autumn
Year 2: Pumpkin, spinach, salads, sweet-corn
Year 3: Root crops, leeks and onion
Year 4: Tomato

As to abundace, I see my life so abundant in so many aspects. Lack of abundance is when it somes to order, system and overview.

My motivation comes at the latest from the course “The magic of money” that we ran in Nov. 2014. I saw clearly the need for local production and selfsustainment. But, I have been wanting to do this most of my grown up life.

My inner resources are that i just feel like doing it, the time is rught. I have some knowledge on no-dig cultivation methods.
External ressources are: access to enough land, money enough for seed potatoes, car, acces to trailer, friends supply of cardboard, woof´ers, seaweed on the beach, tools – and time.

Doubts, lazyness, difficult to keep focused,
worries on age, will my body cooperate
Lack of knowledge and experience of preserving; We do not yet know how to store the potatoes over winter (nor the other storage crops). This whole storage challenge is a design in itself. We need a frost free, mouse-and-rat free storage facility, and when we know more about quantities we are going to build one, definitely. Until the wee can use the big plastic storage bowes for apples and the likes, insulated with straw bales and rushes.

About my self: persistence , skills of motivation, explaining, ask for help, accept of life-as-it-is
The beauty of the garden; the joy of sowing, harvesting, cooking and eating. Knowledge of less CO2 produce and no other waste produce; the primary design is moving towards implementation, slowly, but it is moving.

My intention is to go slowly and observe well the elements of time, quantity, succes (and failure), and to be realistic about integrating more land in the self sustain vegetable production .

My current support is Astrid and other woof´ers to come. I need to build further support on the mental level.

Until now everything has gone very smooth, once the des´cision was taken: Mow the grass. cover with cardboard, collecting seaweed, access to organic seed potatoes, people helping out, having fun, cover with grass cuttings.

Plan for next week (first week of the month of May):  sow the rest of the potatoes, fetch 10 trails of seaweed, make appointment with Anita on horse manure.

Maybe we will need more seaweed, we will know in 6 weeks; we will cover with grad cuttings as we produce it.

Our patterns has been to buy what we need when we need it, i.e. the patters of the consumers society. No monitoring at all, not money, not quantity.
I have success from other periods in my life, like at Kathrinelyst, Lillevansgården and Svanholm.

My needs are to be more self-sustaining in order to support my own values and ideals
I also need the demonstration value in relation to the LAND Center.
We are starting our monday evening and summer program in order to meet the LAND Center demonstration need, and the woof´ers are meeting the need for self sustainment.

I want to build in quiet and rest in the potato bed by getting a parasol and some wooden pallets or the like for back rest (or maybe I could make some simple ones the tipi way) so I can do may lying-on-the-mattress-in-the-sun right there, on the spot that I love.


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Diploma Inspiration Day at Naturplanteskolen

I´ve been wanting to visit Naturplanteskolen for more than a year now, and yesterday I succeeded. It the most fantastic place, I´ll come back, that´s for sure. Naturplanteskolen is also one of the LAND Centers in Denmark.




Cathrine Dolleris of Geoliv had arranged an introduction to diploma, such a great idea. We need more diploma holders in Denmark, for many reasons, and I do believe that we shall be able to form a peer support group for each other from the people who have the drive for the time being. I really hope so!



I was happy to meet Aiah Noack and Jais Hammerlund IRL  :-)

Unfortunately I had to leave before the inspiration day was over, but the couple of hours i did spend were really great!  Thanks!

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Diplomtanker 25.04.2015

Well, I guess I better write in English, as I am on the English diploma pathway.


I have tried to look at Fejø Retreat LAND Center as a whole, to see all the components that it consists of. I Haven´t got it all, but it is good to start to get this overview.

1. The house, the living area

2. The therapy garden

3. The selfsustaining garden

4. The Healing Garden on Fejø

5. The open land, the ponds, the energy forest, the …….

I´ve made one attempt to try the SADIMET, well actually only the S, the survey, on a couple of items – but what were they, my notes are in another notebook, that I have not brought with me. Doing this opens my eyes and my mind. A good proces. I will slowly move on along this path.

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Mad, mad og mad igen

Vi har jo haft det kursus, People and Permaculture, og jeg har ikke lavet mad i mange dage.

Så i går, ja så lavede jeg er herligt vegansk smørepålæg til frokost og til aften lavede jeg sammen med Sean en selleri-kartoffelmos, en linsesalat og pastinakfisk.

Sean bagte en himmelsk chokoladekage, det skulle også være lidt særligt, for det var Lou´s sidste aften.


Vegansk smørepålæg med tofu.

I køkkenmaskinen kommer man

1 pakke silketofu
1 håndfuld solsikkekerner
et par spiseskefulde soltørrede tomater i olie
1 spsk sennep
1 spsk god eddike
godt med frisk grønkål

Køres sammen i foodprocessoren til det er lækkert smørbart.

Kan spises på brød, sammen med pasta – you name it. Lækkert med frisk grønt, her mælkebøtteblade og cikorieblade, friske og unge.

De andre opskrifter skriver jeg i seperate blogposter.

Anne Moloney, 15.04.2015

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Lou is leaving

Lou was the first wwoofer in The Healing Garden on Fejø in the new era of the garden after Hanne Oustrup had left the project. Lou was here in the spring of 2013, when I myself was the voluntary garden leader, and Lou was voluntary garden leader July – oct 2014, Lou was planner in Jan 2015 and wwoofing again together with Astrid March – April 2015.

In all, she has been with us for 8 months or maybe even more. It has been a gift in my life to have the opportunity to know her. She is so gifted and talented, wise, loving, hard working, efficient in many fields. She cooks well, sings, plays music instruments, dances, laughs, swims, draws, uses the computer and the internet, takes photos, knows lots and lots of permaculture, plans and growing systems and techniques. She is a lover of chili. Does yoga, meditates, is aware of what she eats and why, travels without flying if possible. She plans, overviews, manages.

It is hard for me to let go. The fact that Lou is leaving is a real good lesson for me to practise the art of letting go. I want her to stay and she is leaving. Of course she is, her life paths is leading her to other venues and new life experiences and I want her to do that. And at the same time a part of me wants her to stay. So training the practise of letting go is good and hard for me, Lou is my teacher.

I just want to thank her for all she has given to me and this place.

lou lou1 lou2 lou3 lou5 lou6 lou7 lou8 lou9 lou10


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