Mere diplomproces, flere designtanker

Well, I suppose I´ve made my decision now.

I´ll do the design proces and I´ll do it in the English system. Which means I´ll write in English from now on. Cathrine Dolleris has said yes to be my primary teacher and I´m having my first skype conversation with her on Tuesday.

I´ve considered my experience of which there is a LOT because I am so old of age.

I´ve explicated my vision which right now is as follows:

“i see myself living at Fejø Retreat LAND Center until the day I die. The design of Fejø Retreat is fully implemented in 2029. A gift economy trust owns the LAND Center, 6 grown ups live her on a permanent basis and the inspiration from the Center is widely spread.

The actual diploma proces is the planning and partly or fully implementation of 10 smaller designs, of which 5 are on the physical and actual land and building and the other 5 are on the 5 th element og economy, organisation, personal growth and broadening of consciousness and cooperation .


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