Second day of People and Permaculture

The second day of the Course People and Permaculture, facilitated and taught by Peter Cow and arranged by the Danish LAND Center Network, turned out to have a completely bright and shining energy, very nourishing and healing for everybody. So, I guess, we in permaculture would say that the regenerative aspect of culture is succesfull. It is so nice and I appreciate it more than I imagines I would.

We started out in the morning, singing “Let us see the beauty every Day” from Joanna Macey. 

We did the morning circle with stretching and a review of yesterday and a short comment – thumbs up or down – on how we all are physically, mentally and emotionally.

Gratitude circle, very powerful and, I believe, regenerative. WE talked a little about what gratitude IS, and came to the conclusion (maybe not the final conclusion) that gratitude is an expression of a full body-mind-feeling-from-the-heart-experience. Gratitude is a way of sharing needs; gratitude connects us with our emotions and with each other. Peter referred to Joanna Macey and “The Work that Reconnects”.
Important issue is how to use gratitude in our circles to create more connectedness and understanding.

Non violent communication was next topic of the day – again a social-communication tool to help us connect at get our needs met, rather than separate us.
Also there is our communication with ourself, the zone 00. Important to be aware of how we can design and redesign our patterns of inner communication towards more nourishment and regeneration.

Mentoring, powerfull tool to be of service to each other.

In the afternoon we used the Design Web in pairs together with the mentoring model. No giving advice!! Listening, asking questions. Very powerfull.

Roles. There are many roles in a group/community. Important to explicate them and give aknowledgement to all the roles. It is also useful to switch roles.
The 8 shields is among other things about this, useful handout and a lot more to reflect on and learn from experience.

Diversity in groups. Important to have as much diversity and inclusiveness as possible in a group.

Group Learning experience about diversity in groups using a swift version of the World Cafe tool.

Reflexion session on personal learning about roles.

Dragon Dreaming, a short presentation of the quadrants: Dream, Plan, Do and Celebrate.

Reflexion session on awareness of the cultural tool that we have seen in action during the 2 day course, until now.

And the there is THE FOOD. Astrid and Lou are cooking and it is soon good.

In the evening we had a very powerfull and nourishing talking circle. When people are sharing what is dear and precious to them you get a glimpse og their beautiful soul. A Talking Circle is magical , like Aladdin´s cave. Thank You.

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