Third and fourth day of people and permaculture

The 3rd and the fourth day of our course People and Permaculture.
We started the 3rd day with organisation. First roles: group roles and group membership. Human beings are social creatures and in a culture like the present each individual is a member of many different groups and thus tha carrier of many cultures.

We did a group work on communication tools, official meeting tools and on ways of bringing clarity and connectedness to our work together.
(I have only written notes from the clarity-and-connectesnedd group, because that is the group I was in during this work)
1: Clarity on roles and responsibility: who has which role and who is doing what.
2: design the group culture and update regularly; encourage everybody to speak up.
3: Have a clear long term and short term vision; hold updated
4: Clear long term and short term goals, shared on wall physical or on internet.
5: Keep up contact between meetings
– virtual, like e-mail, facebook, skype, chats
– x-mas cards
– phone
– smoke signals  🙂
– greeting
6: Connect to self, the other group member and outside world by using tools as singing, dancing, performing, sharing, time for digesting and reflexion, do practical stuff together, use talking stick, expose vulnerability, have fun, laugh, wear a hat, have a drink, share and enjoy a meal together
7: Space for improvement
8: Akowledgement and honoring

Online tools
Internet task listing, you can use ie (or .com) and
Live editing and agenda/recoring: live editing and agenda/recording
Big files: use dropbox
Newsletter programs: mail chimp
file sharing: werise.up
forums: ning and diaspora

Work on sociocrasy, sorry folks, I don´t have notes from this Humørikonet smile

In the evening a most wonderful celebration with a wonderful lying, toga pizza meal, circle dancing (modern french version!), a lot of singing and open stage performance.

On the 4th day, monday we started the morning circle with a massage circle, a sound and movement circle and an appreciation of 1 person round.

The review of the day before was by the 5 finger method, wonderfully facilitated på Simon. This method I will definitely explore more!

Review of sociocrasy, 2 person-sharing, key learnings in whole group.

Stages of group life (Tuckmann).
Forming (here we have the design and creation of culture)
Storming (group conflict and discussions)
Norming (group maintenance, culture is more established)
Adjourning (close and finish the group, celebrate, what have we learned)
Mourning (sadness, missing)

Recap of course

Dream circle on what more do we want to learn and spend time on

Open space used as the planning and doing space for all the wishes in the dream circle.
– the rest of the day was open space

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