Lou is leaving

Lou was the first wwoofer in The Healing Garden on Fejø in the new era of the garden after Hanne Oustrup had left the project. Lou was here in the spring of 2013, when I myself was the voluntary garden leader, and Lou was voluntary garden leader July – oct 2014, Lou was planner in Jan 2015 and wwoofing again together with Astrid March – April 2015.

In all, she has been with us for 8 months or maybe even more. It has been a gift in my life to have the opportunity to know her. She is so gifted and talented, wise, loving, hard working, efficient in many fields. She cooks well, sings, plays music instruments, dances, laughs, swims, draws, uses the computer and the internet, takes photos, knows lots and lots of permaculture, plans and growing systems and techniques. She is a lover of chili. Does yoga, meditates, is aware of what she eats and why, travels without flying if possible. She plans, overviews, manages.

It is hard for me to let go. The fact that Lou is leaving is a real good lesson for me to practise the art of letting go. I want her to stay and she is leaving. Of course she is, her life paths is leading her to other venues and new life experiences and I want her to do that. And at the same time a part of me wants her to stay. So training the practise of letting go is good and hard for me, Lou is my teacher.

I just want to thank her for all she has given to me and this place.

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