Diplomtanker 25.04.2015

Well, I guess I better write in English, as I am on the English diploma pathway.


I have tried to look at Fejø Retreat LAND Center as a whole, to see all the components that it consists of. I Haven´t got it all, but it is good to start to get this overview.

1. The house, the living area

2. The therapy garden

3. The selfsustaining garden

4. The Healing Garden on Fejø

5. The open land, the ponds, the energy forest, the …….

I´ve made one attempt to try the SADIMET, well actually only the S, the survey, on a couple of items – but what were they, my notes are in another notebook, that I have not brought with me. Doing this opens my eyes and my mind. A good proces. I will slowly move on along this path.

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