Design no. 2, potato bed using “Design Web”

For permaculture design several tools have been developed. For the time being I am looking into Design Web (Looby Macnamara) and SADIMET.


My first design, apart from my learning pathway, which is also currently under construction, is “The potato bed”.

Here goes for the Design Web.

The vision for the potato bed is the realisation of the original design for Fejø Retreat LAND Center as we want to grow food for 30 families. Well, not all the food, but vegetables, grains and seeds for oils (hemp, rape seed, linen).

On the shorter run the ideal potato bed 1.0 supplies potatoes for Fejø Retreat LAND Center all year round. It rotates, so next year there will be another crop on this particular spot.

Cultural history of potato, cooking, the different taste and use of the different varieties, different harvesting times, the celebration of the sowing, the maintenance, and the different times for harvesting,

Circulation of beds:
Year 1: potatoes, add horse manure in autumn
Year 2: Pumpkin, spinach, salads, sweet-corn
Year 3: Root crops, leeks and onion
Year 4: Tomato

As to abundace, I see my life so abundant in so many aspects. Lack of abundance is when it somes to order, system and overview.

My motivation comes at the latest from the course “The magic of money” that we ran in Nov. 2014. I saw clearly the need for local production and selfsustainment. But, I have been wanting to do this most of my grown up life.

My inner resources are that i just feel like doing it, the time is rught. I have some knowledge on no-dig cultivation methods.
External ressources are: access to enough land, money enough for seed potatoes, car, acces to trailer, friends supply of cardboard, woof´ers, seaweed on the beach, tools – and time.

Doubts, lazyness, difficult to keep focused,
worries on age, will my body cooperate
Lack of knowledge and experience of preserving; We do not yet know how to store the potatoes over winter (nor the other storage crops). This whole storage challenge is a design in itself. We need a frost free, mouse-and-rat free storage facility, and when we know more about quantities we are going to build one, definitely. Until the wee can use the big plastic storage bowes for apples and the likes, insulated with straw bales and rushes.

About my self: persistence , skills of motivation, explaining, ask for help, accept of life-as-it-is
The beauty of the garden; the joy of sowing, harvesting, cooking and eating. Knowledge of less CO2 produce and no other waste produce; the primary design is moving towards implementation, slowly, but it is moving.

My intention is to go slowly and observe well the elements of time, quantity, succes (and failure), and to be realistic about integrating more land in the self sustain vegetable production .

My current support is Astrid and other woof´ers to come. I need to build further support on the mental level.

Until now everything has gone very smooth, once the des´cision was taken: Mow the grass. cover with cardboard, collecting seaweed, access to organic seed potatoes, people helping out, having fun, cover with grass cuttings.

Plan for next week (first week of the month of May):  sow the rest of the potatoes, fetch 10 trails of seaweed, make appointment with Anita on horse manure.

Maybe we will need more seaweed, we will know in 6 weeks; we will cover with grad cuttings as we produce it.

Our patterns has been to buy what we need when we need it, i.e. the patters of the consumers society. No monitoring at all, not money, not quantity.
I have success from other periods in my life, like at Kathrinelyst, Lillevansgården and Svanholm.

My needs are to be more self-sustaining in order to support my own values and ideals
I also need the demonstration value in relation to the LAND Center.
We are starting our monday evening and summer program in order to meet the LAND Center demonstration need, and the woof´ers are meeting the need for self sustainment.

I want to build in quiet and rest in the potato bed by getting a parasol and some wooden pallets or the like for back rest (or maybe I could make some simple ones the tipi way) so I can do may lying-on-the-mattress-in-the-sun right there, on the spot that I love.



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