Learning Pathway, take 2

Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments”
– Bill Mollison

This design of my learning pathway has the aim of defining my learning pathway from the start of my diploma apprenticeship April 2015 until final assessment in May 2017, and the presentation event in the late summer of 2017.

My learning pathway is based on permaculture ethics, principles and tools. 8 of my 10 designs are offshoots of my first and original design of Fejø Retreat from my PDC back in 2009. I am primarily using the Design Web for my learning pathway.

My tutor and main inspirator is Cathrine Dolleris, at  geoliv.dk.
I am in a supportive guild, which was working very well during the first phases, and then it more os less fell apart. We were 3 and we did skype sessions every 6 weeks. With one of the other guild members I did mentoring every 2 weeks, just half an hour, and it has been a great help in order to keep on track and not to feel lonely. I also follow the permaculture diploma group on Facebook, get a lot of inspiration there and hopefully English contacts.
I love to work alone, but I love it even more when participating in a synergetic group.

My VISION – my dream

My overall vision is to contribute to a more peaceful world.

My belief is that working with permaculture and mindfulness will be helpful in this transition, transformation, and regenerative proces. My vision has been to be able to live at Fejø Retreat LAND Center till I die,  and even to be buried here – by the cherry trees at the end of our land with the view of the hilly and meadowy land and the sea that I love. During summer of 2016 I went through a phase of insecurity, I was not so sure whether I actually would be able to cope with this; I was feeling vulnerable and scared stiff of growing old and in some ways disabled. Maybe it would be  better for me and for everything else to sell the place, hand it over to somebody and go off to live in an intentional community that includes also young people and children – and maybe my efforts would be beneficial to more people.
The Fejø Retreat design is implemented by 2029, twenty years after the first layout in 2009. A gift economy trust owns the land and inspiration is widely spread.

Throughout this diploma proces I want to raise my consciousness not only of permaculture as a design system for sustainability, regeneration,  and resilience, but also of my own learning process.


Since I am a teacher I have chosen to draw my learning pathway as a school schedule. The drawing does not show my ressources and what I have already learnt from life – but since I was born in 1952 you can imagine it is quite a lot.

During all of my adult life I have been preoccupied with the questions of how can people live in peace, how can people live as being a part of nature and not as a ruler of nature, how can mankind make positive lives possible for future generations. Due to this, ecology and environmental issues have taken up a lot of space in my mind and in my way of living. But since I realised, that we are the people who are actually messing up things, we need to deal with our motivations and ways of thinking and cooperating. Learning about deeper motivation has brought me into fields of personal and consciousness development – for instance how is greed and fear to be handled? And how is connectedness and gratitude to be lived and expressed?

My available sources of support  is Simon as my mentor and a danish diploma support group, which seems to be slowly growing. I am also in the English diploma support network on Facebook ; the guidelines for the diploma proces are of great value to me. Cathrine Dolleris as my tutor is also very supportive. On the island of Fejø where I live I have good support from members of our local permaculture and transition initiative, and also from my husband Mick, my grown up children, and all out volunteers, who all show such great interest i permaculture.

My available ressources are my life experience and my knowledge. As a schoolteacher, body psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher,  the 5th element of permaculture is closest to my professional knowledge and experience. Another important ressource is that I am settled at Fejø Retreat since 1998 in a long term love relation with my husband. I am grateful for this. My kids are grown up and there a no grandchildren, yet, so as it is I have quite a lot of time available. Many young people come here as volunteers and they are a great source of inspiration, as well as our local Fejø Permaculture and Transition Initiative.

Designing my learning pathway prepares different stages of my Action Learning Cycle.
And what is an Action Learning Cycle? Well, I suppose it resembles a lot of what I have been using throughout my life, the concept of “learning by doing”.

A definition of action learning taken from Mark Holmgren: “Action learning is a dynamic process that involves a small group of people solving real problems, while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how their learning can benefit [one another]….Perhaps action learning’s most valuable capacity is itsaction-learning_red amazing, multiplying impact to equip individuals, especially leaders, to more effectively respond to change. Learning is what makes action learning strategic rather than tactical. Fresh thinking and new learning are needed if we are to avoid responding to today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions while tomorrow’s challenges engulf us.”

My goals for what I want to learn and do

–  train use of Design Web and SADIMET, OBREDIMET and other design tools
– Read People and Permaculture, and reread some of the grand old men, Bill Mollison, Patrick Whitefield, Alan Holmgren.
Get inspiration from the web, you tube and other channels.
Courses and workshops, that I intend to to attend and hold:
People and Permaculture, Peter Cow, Fejø Retreat Land Center April 2015
Jubilee and GA of Permaculture Denmark, May 2015; facilitate workshop of designing culture for Danish LAND Network
Visit Suderbyn October 2015, write report and article; do workshop about 5th element at DET FÆLLES BEDSTE april 2016.
Annual meeting af Danish LAND Center, December 2015, design workshop for internal communication and cooperation for the Daniskh LAND center network.
Do workshop, people and permaculture with Lou and Simon in May 2016
Do Monday Theme Nights at Fejø Retreat in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Do internal learning programme at Fejø Retreat LAND Center for the volunteers once a week during summer season.
Learn and use Mailchimp (I`ve sent my first campaign on nov. 17th 2015);
learn and use on-line learning strategies like webinars;
learn to make small films and make use of them;
learn online payment systems and make use of them
set up a webshop

I´ve done a TIMELINE, it has its own page, here

My designs:

Land based designs
Potato bed with seaweed mulch.
Design of yurt
Design of Lene Støvring´s garden on Fejø
Healing Garden functionality beds
Redesign of Fejø Retreat LAND Center.
– In order to actually BE a LAND Center we need to show the implementation of permaculture ethics, elements and principles more thoroughly than I did in my first design from 2009. This redesign of Fejø Retreat is my largest design.
People based designs
My learning pathway
Design of internal cooperation and communication strategy for Danish LAND Center network; I´m doing a workshop at the annual LAND meeting in Dec 2015 for the network to design the strategy as a community, and for each person involved to be able to take ownership.
Information strategy for Healing Garden and Fejø Retreat LAND Center Design of Integration of mindfulness and permaculture
Design of income for 2 – 3 people, who live here
– creating livelihood at LAND centers is a challenge and very important. So this a another BIG design


of my designs from Holmgren´s permaculture flower, the categories of areas in the diploma system, and main application. The permaculture flower covers the following areas: Building – Tools & technology – Education & culture – Health , spirituality and well being – Finances and economy – Land tenure & community governance – Land & nature stewardship

Project  The permaculture flower (Holmgren)
Areas in Diploma system – categories  Main application 
1 my learning pathway CULTURE AND EDUCATION Education Personal life
2 Redesign of Fejø Retreat LAND Center LAND AND NATURE STEWARD
Site design Work
Personal level
3 Potato bed with seaweed mulch LAND AND NATURE STEWARD
 Site design Work
Personal level
4 Design of internal cooperation and communication strategy for Danish LAND Center network CULTURE AND EDUCATION Education Work Collective/global level
5 Design of yurt BUILDING  Architecture Work
Personal level
6 Design of 3 gardens on Fejø LAND AND NATURE STEWARD
Site design Work
Personal level
7 Healing Garden functionality beds HEALTH, SPIRITUALI-TY & WELL-BEING Site design Work personal/collective level
8 Design of integration of mindfulness and permaculture CULTURE AND EDUCATION Education Work personal/collective level
9 Information strategy for Healing Garden and Fejø Retreat LAND Center; CULTURE AND EDUCATION Education Work personal/
collective level
10 Design of income for 2 – 3 people, who live here HEALTH, SPIRITUALI

Community Development/

Work personal/
collective level



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