6. Lenes Garden on Fejø

Collect site information
Evaluate the information
Apply permaculture principles
Plan a schedule of implementation, maintenance, evaluation and tweaking


PASTE and CEAP are important to try out.

I will use SADIMET for this design.
Survey, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maintaining, Evaluation, Tweaking.


Lene has been ill for a long time now – and for some reason I have been more busy than I had expected.

This screenshot is a good base for measuring the garden.




I am going to have the first conversation about a design with Lene Støvring on Sun 13 th of Sept 2015.

27.10.2015: It went well. Lene is not so well, but hopefully we can work on the design during the month of November 2015 in order to realise it during sprig of 2016. I will the be able to evaluate and even tweak.


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