9. Information strategy for Healing Garden and Fejø Retreat LAND Center

Tomorrow is the first meeting of the board. Maybe one of them would help me out with this.
There´s like
1) Building the strategy:  what and where and how
2) Implementation:  who and when
3) Maintaining: who
4) Pause, reflection, celebration and tweaking.

For this design I am using primarily the Design Web.

Attended a local tourism meeting yesterday. This was regarding The Healing Garden on Fejø. But I think it counts for the Fejø Retreat LAND Center as well.
We were asked who our target groups were and how we address them.
I identified my target groups as

  • women 50+
  • germans
  • menighedsråd
  • urte- og sundhedsinteresserede
  • busselskaber/ældre
  • oplysningsforbund

I identified a lot of things that we already do by photos, videos, texts and being there:

  • Internet based
  • Phone calling/direct marketing
  • Physically and on location
  • networking
  • television

1: Physically and on location

  • At the market in Nakskov
  • At turismens dag
  • hopefully at ÆBLETS DAG, and maybe at Mere Liv i Haven Festival
  • Participation in KULTkit//HIBISKUS
  • Page in local tourism map
  • Articles in Fejøbladet
  • articles for lokal paper, Lolland Falster
  • Advert in Sydhavsøernes Perle
  • Lectures in oplysningsforbund and public libraries

2: Phone calling and direct marketing

  • Call bus companies and oplysningsforbund, offering them a guided tour on Fejø or a lecture, send by e-mail a PDF with the offer

3: Internet

  • Fejø´s mailinglist
  • Fejø´s homepage
  • Own homepage and blog, helbredendehave.dk
  • Facebook, group and page
  • Instagram, fejo_healinggarden
  • Kultunaut
  • Electronic newsletter for members, at he beginning of the season and at the end of the season

Could be useful to see the borders between The Healing Garden and Fejø Retreat LAND Center more clearly. Because it is these borders that we have the most productivity.

We are working on a sign design for the functionality beds. This makes me see how the functionality bed design connects with the information strategy. We have a newsletter coming up, from both The Healing Garden and from Fejø Retreat LAND Center. In The Healing Garden we have a cooperation between board members to do this, at the LAND Center it is just me.


One evening during the early summer of 2015 – well, it was on june 26th it shows –  we were working on the information strategy with the Design Web as the primary tool.

We found it useful also to look at the zones of communicating.
The zones – who is communicating and to whom
Zone 1: Our selves, this is Anne, Mick, Sean and voluntary garden vocaliser (long term volunteer) ; board members: Lene Støvring, Lene Frobøse, Susanne Lautrop, Lisa Mortensen, Sonja Sæmundsen, Lou Langdon;
Zone 2: People close to us: wwoof´ers; teachers and others in close cooperation: Ria Mte, William Houmann, Liv Skensved, Anemette Olesen, Cathrine Dolleris, Inge Ambus, Lou Langdon, Simon Cazalis
Zone 3: participants in events and courses: People and permaculture; monday theme nights; USE GARDEN saturdays; meditative Garden Week; Still Saturdays; herb get-together; members of the association; Face-book network; job training; Fejø inhabitants; guests in the garden; guided tour guests
Zone 4
Zone 5

WHAT are we communicating about: people and plants; permaculture ethics; permaculture principles; permaculture designs tools; permaculture elements: soil, water, air, energy and people

WHEN are we communicating

It is for the time being (september 2015) absolutely sketch up stuff, but still, it is a beginning.


Zone 1: It flows and works together with us; easy to use; SIGNS WITH EVERY PLANT

Zone 2:

Zone 3: People come and sit and enjoy the garden

Zone 4:

Zone 5: To have a strategy which will make us able to reach more people, to reach the people we reach in a more precise way.

Synthesize the work

Zone 1: Have a skeleton for the writings; Use 3 keywords: Pick pictures first

Zone 2

Zone 3: Other groups distribute our information and vice versa

Zone 4: Yoga places; Health food places

Zone 5: Blue higway will give us more tourists

Different subdivisions

Zone 1: Too many things end on Anne Moloneys plate

Zone 2

Zone 3: Some of us are getting a little bit old

Zone 4

Zone 5: An island, people have to take the ferry in order to get here





Lack of knowledge of tourism

No proper working together on tourism on the island

No proper updating of tourism website

No knowledge of how much the app is used and who uses it

Barriers ???

Funnelling of information

Zone 1: Lene and Anne are extremely good at organising workshops and events//abundance

Zone 2

Zone 3: Facebook; newsletter for members; Fejø blad once a month; build up of mailing lists

Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 1: Bring business cards

Zone 2: Give out the tea, bring out the cake or likes; Tage ting med fra haven til fællesspisning

Zone 3: Inform members about activities in the calendar; Build a mailing list, come out with information about seminars and products; Dinners with gift economy and tjek out the garden; make recipes beforehand and the possibility for people to get access to the ingredients grown on the land; Picnic days

Zone 4: Participate in markets

Zone 5

Info booklet

Advertising, two steps. Select the hook and then you select the target. You have a booklet that makes people interested.

Cream, snaps, essentiel oils, our own tea blandinger, de kunne sælges ved health food stores, booth at the glass market

Udvide til mennesker uden for øen

Dress up and sing the message to the world

Instagram   GREAT!!! hashtags

Videos of us singing in the morning

Contact information on the instagram account

WWOOF ´ers can post on instagram




Welcoming information about tea in the garden and on the information cabin

Use Mill Shop for information

Post information on the ferry

Folder 3 fløjet

1/3 of an A4 printet on both sides for Tourist information and at Kernegården

Poster on the ferry

Poster at harbour

Lene talk to Mill girls

Lene Støvrings contact to 65 travels

Translate website into English

Lauren help with website and coding

Communications channels, advertise in Knuthenlund and the like

når vi har materiale klar skal vi gøre haven kendt via lolland-falsters ambassade i København. Hvis vi kan nå det og det er muligt, kan der laves flyers til pæreskuderne skal til København.

Contact the people who rent out the summerhouses

Upload 11.09.2015; Anne Moloney


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