2. Redesign of Fejø Retreat

Suppose I could could run it through CEAP and PASTE and see what happens.

My idea for this HUGE design I will use Design web as well as SADIMET and OBREDIMET as design tools. And – how can I do without Design Web?

Found this mind-mappy piece of some of the elements, it is from Apr. 18th 2015.


Elements, some of them from Oct. 18th. But I think it is good to keep them in separate sections, whereas of course some of them are intertwined.

Zone 1: The House
Woof´ers and aiming at EVS in 2016.
Compost toilets, use of urine

Zone 2: Therapy Garden, Green rehab
Self sustaining vegetable garden, including potato bed
Strawbale cabin

Zone 2 – 3: The Healing Garden on Fejø, cooperation with Jobcenter.

Zone 4: The “lake”
the willow plantation
the corn snake
the forest garden to come

Found the old design and sector analysis sheet from 2009, in a roll, in the loft. I must pin them here…….and IRL I must pin them by my room, they are historical documents.



2016 – building of yurt, more space for volunteer accomodation; working with vegetable self sustainment, estimated size of growing area in place; adding more space by potato bed each year; first people and permaculture course; meditative garden course
2017 – livelihood for 2 persons, realised by eco tourism in Healing Garden, Air B&B at Fejø Retreat
2018-  livelihood for 3 persons, realised by garden therapy at Fejø Retreat; planning of tree planting project
2019 – tree planting
2020  – tree planting
2021  – tree planting
2022 –  – tree planting
2023 –  – tree planting
2024 – establishing of swales
2015 – establishing of grey water treatment
2026 – establishing of rainwater collection solution
2027 – establishing of CO2 neutral energy system
2028 – 6 people are living here permanently, with simple livelihoods
2029 – Barn kitchen and 2 more living units are economically funded and realised

The design will be realised 14 years from now!!!

of the
Plan Sow Pot Plant Weed Harvest Proces Store
Jan  x
Feb  x  x
Mar  x  x
Apr  x
Maj  x
Jun  x
okt  x  x
nov  x  x
dec  x

And also: Gift economy is something to explore.



Sector analysis

Input-output analysis


2 people, big place!!


Soo many……

Today I was planting garlic with Lis and working on the compost heap, we make 4 times as much compost this year as we did last year. I am going to do grass mowing now, the leaves are falling and we use the grass and the leaves for mulching.
We are aiming at selfsustainment with garlic, but there are many things we yet need to monitor.

Lis mentioned that greenhouse, bees startup and compost startup are great leaps forward.


I think about this often. It is huge. Mick and I have started the Design Web proces.

There are so many elements.
The Healing Garden on Fejø, cooperation with Jobcenter. Woof´ers and aiming at EVS in 2016.
Therapy Garden, Green rehab
Self sustaining vegetable garden
Compost toilets, use of urine

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